FLIR Ocean Scout TK 160x120 Thermal Camera


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The simplest Ocean TK Scout Handheld Thermal Camera is a compact camera with thermal night vision.

Has a resolution of 160x120 (LCD is 640 x 480). A person can recognize 120 meters. Of course, the Ocean Scout completely waterproof. Because the thermal image with residual light amplification combined you suddenly see a lot more. You may well see what other vessels easy landmarks, buoys and floating debris see in total darkness. This thermal camera is ideal for all marine or outdoor activities. FLIR is the market leader with its thermal sensor technology and should actually be on board each ship. FLIR Scout Ocean Thermal Imager makes your time on the water safer. As there is no light, you can see a drowning man right away. If you get the opportunity to try this you do not know what you see. Any object (or human being), which also has something with it to heat can be seen immediately on the small LCD screen. This camera has 120 meters have the ability to recognize a person.

The resolution of this thermal camera is 160x120. The viewing angle is 18 degrees (field of view) with the push buttons on the top you can select various functions such as Freeze Frame, brightness (on / off). The thermal camera has autofocus which always gives the clearest picture without having to turn somewhere. The internal Li-ion battery is not replaceable (except for repair of course) the battery is charged using the included USB cable.

Perfect for the dark night on board, but also just as useful for home.

Contents FLIR Scout Ocean TK

  • FLIR Handheld Thermal Camera
  • neck strap
  • USB cable
  • Quick Start Guide

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